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15 July 2014

EuroCommerce considers self-regulation of trading practices best way forward

EuroCommerce welcomes the European Commission’s support for the Supply Chain Initiative in today’s Communication on unfair trading practices in the food supply chain. On a less positive note, EuroCommerce regrets that, in the preamble to its recommendations, much airtime has been given to opinions, perceptions, and some biased surveys of interested parties.

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"Shopping for Growth"

We are at the dawn of a new European legislature. The next five years will be critical in returning the European economy to growth and job creation. Retail and wholesale can contribute, given the right economic and policy conditions. This manifesto, "Shopping for Growth" highlights our key proposals for the next five years. With the right policy and legisative environment, our sector will respond, supporting growth and creating jobs in the European economy.

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Retail & Wholesale: Key sectors for the European economy

Retail & Wholesale: Key sectors for the European economy

The activity of retailing and wholesaling shapes both our economy as well as our daily lives. This report reveals the diversity and dynamism of the retail and wholesale sectors in the European Union, in terms of economic added value, employment, innovation and competitiveness. It shows that retail and wholesale are engines of growth and employment, which can play a critical role in the future of Europe's economy and prosperity.

E-commerce, omni-channel retail, and EU policy

E-commerce, omni-channel retail, and EU policy

E-commerce is a major, sometimes disruptive, driver of change in the world of retail and wholesale, and in that of the consumer. It offers major new opportunities in many sorts of ways for businesses which serve consumers. Consumers themselves, with their increased use of the computer and of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, are changing dramatically in terms of behaviour and expectations as shoppers. For traders, e-commerce offers new ways to interact with their customers and to serve them through different channels and platforms.


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